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Terms & Conditions

August 2014

1. Delivery

  • Carrier does not guarantee delivery times but will do everything possible to meet and exceed expectations. Always supply complete details relating to shipment parameters.

2. Limitations of Liability

  • The Carrier’s liability in respect of any one shipment shall not exceed $100.00 or $2.00 per pound ($4.40 per kg), whichever is less. If no value is declared on the face hereof or if a shipment has a declared value in excess of $500.00. If no special prior special agreement in writing has been obtained, this shall be deemed to be an agreement that the value of the goods shipped is $2.00 per pound ($4.40 per kg). The Carrier shall not be liable for any damages in excess thereof.
  • Under no circumstances shall the Carrier be liable for any incidental, loss of use, consequential, or other damage or monetary loss, as a result of delayed delivery or lost or damaged shipment and/or any negligence on the part of its employees, servants, agents or connecting carriers, and/or acts of war, civil unrest and governmental agencies.
  • No liability shall be accepted for any commodity shipped in containers that are not deemed to be sufficient for commodities within or will sufficiently be insulated from damages due to handling or freezing.
  • No coverage for glass, artwork, electronic instruments, jewellery, money and or negotiable documents will be assumed.
  • The Shipper and or Consignee hereby agree to absolve the Carrier of any and all financial loss with respect to such shipments however caused.

3. Dangerous Goods

  • The Carrier shall not be liable for damage, loss, or failure to deliver goods that are prohibited, restricted or required to be carried in special or protective containers as prescribed by the proper authority in the province of origin or Federal jurisdiction.
  • The Shipper agrees to indemnify Carrier of all costs and damages whatsoever caused by its failure to disclose and/or properly contain dangerous goods.
  • The Shipper takes full responsibility to ensure all regulations are adhered with respect to documentation, disclosure, labeling, packaging and meeting the regulations for offering goods for transportation of dangerous goods.

4. Payment Liability

  • The Consignor and or Consignee guarantee to be liable jointly for all costs incurred by the Carrier in respect of any shipment, collection fees and costs administrating charge accounts.

5. Claims

  • Carrier must be notified as soon as possible of any loss, damage or excessive delay. No claims shall be accepted after 30 days of Bill of Lading date. No claim will be entertained until all transportation and insurance charges thereon have been paid.

6. Right of Refusal

  • The Carrier reserves the right to refuse handling of any shipment based on contents and liabilities. The Carrier also reserves the right to use whatever mode of transport it sees fit, relating to the nature of the shipment, or when required to comply with regulatory agencies.

7. No Signature Required

  • When this service is selected on the face of the waybill, no claims will be permitted for loss or damage unless the Carrier determines the loss or damage occurred prior to delivery.

8. C.O.D. verses pickup of return cheque

  • The Carrier does not provide Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) services. A pickup of a cheque for return to the Shipper can be done at the expense of/or Shipper/Receiver.